Property search

Are you getting a little fed up with looking, or does your dream home still elude you? New Home works not just with its own large portfolio, but with all the properties on the offer at local estate agents. This doesn’t just mean we have many more properties and projects to show you; it also means we are more flexible than the traditional estate agent. We will not stop searching until we have found your home. Register now, free of obligation, and we will find your dream home!

Support during purchasing process

Once a property has been found which satisfies all your criteria, we will provide you with reliable support to guide you through every stage of the purchasing process. We conduct negotiations regarding price and other purchase conditions on your behalf. Where required, we can arrange for a building inspection to be carried out on the property. If your offer is accepted, we draw up a preliminary sales contract (the compromis de vente) between you and the seller using a French or English speaking notary. The preliminary sales contract sets conditions such as target completion date, deposit (about 10% of the purchase price) and provisional conditions. Examples of provisional conditions are that you obtain a mortgage, or certain planning permission, e.g. for a swimming pool.

The preliminary sales contract can also include items which you wish to be included in the sale of the house. In France, you are entitled as purchaser to a ten day cooling off period, starting on the day after you receive a copy of the preliminary sales contract signed by both parties, either by post or in person. Once all the provisional conditions have been met, the notary will draw up a final deed of sale.

Transfer of water and energy contracts, insurance and building work

We can also help you after the purchase, with the transfer of water and energy contracts to your name. It is of course very important that the new property is insured at the time of purchase. We can find a suitable insurance policy for your new home, contents and/or car for you in France. If necessary, we can also help you open a local bank account. We also have good contacts with reliable local builders, architects, handymen, etc. Whether you are making a small alteration or building a whole new house, we can arrange it for you locally.